‘Visitor’ Parking in Diseworth

A recent meeting was held to discuss the problem of nuisance parking in Diseworth and neighbouring villages, those attending included the Police, NWLDC, Leicestershire CC, representatives from East Midlands Airport as well as Parish Councillors from Kegworth, Castle Donington, Hemington cum Lockington and Long Whatton & Diseworth. The following summary of the issue and progress so far.

The situation in Diseworth has been on-going for a number of years where, particularly during school holidays and the summer months, people are parking for 2 or even 3 weeks at a time, leaving their cars on pavements, grass verges or inconsiderately parking close to the access to private drives, etc. It is also assumed that workers from EMA and the surrounding businesses park along Grimes Gate in Diseworth to avoid car park charges, this causes danger in the road due to poor visibility around the bends going out of the village.

Cars have been damaged within the village as, it is 'presumed', residents have taken the law into their own hands and vandalized 'airport users' cars in the hope, it is assumed, that it will deter the vehicle owners from parking there again! This is a major concern for everyone as it is not illegal for anyone to park anywhere on the public highway (where it is safe). The Parish Council and Police have received complaints from vehicle owners and have been working together to highlight the parking problem as well as to stop the vandalism.

Everyone at the meeting agreed that the issue was a serious one, that the resolution would not be easy, so several options were debated and the following actions were agreed.

  • EMA to continue to promote the free 1 hour parking at Long Stay Car Park 4 - this option is already promoted on the airport web site … see https://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/parking/pick-up-and-drop-off/
  • NWLDC to write to taxi companies regarding the above and, with EMA, work to educate taxi/private hire about free options at the airport to help prevent these users from waiting in villages for calls from arriving passengers.
  • LCC to create a 'Shopping List' of available parking control measures.
  • EMA to write to companies based in and around the airport explaining the need to be good neighbours by being mindful of where they park.
  • Parish Councils to consider what they would like for their village after receiving the 'Shopping List' of measures.

The following are the control measures discussed: -

Restricted Parking Zone - A restricted parking zone operates in the same way as a single or double yellow line, however, signs are only placed at each entrance to the zone. No lines are placed on the ground – this affects residents and visitors alike.

Residents Parking Scheme - A residents' parking scheme is designed to remove long term parking and give residents a greater opportunity to park close to their home. A residents parking scheme, where possible is introduced using entry signs only, to reduce the visual impact of the scheme and to minimise ongoing maintenance.

Limited Waiting - The introduction of limit waiting does not prevent parking but limits the maximum time a vehicle can be parked for any one period. This type of parking restriction is usually used where there is a need for high vehicle turnover, i.e. town centres and not normally considered in residential areas.

Do nothing/minimum - Many people do not want the introduction of parking restrictions in their neighbourhood and it must be noted that there is an option to do nothing. There is also an option to take a minimal approach and only introduce restrictions where there is a known problem that is causing a safety issues or is detrimental to the local economy.

Based on comments made to the Parish Council, and on social media, further information was requested regarding the Residents Parking Scheme.

LCC advised that a Residents Parking Scheme would need to gain significant support from both local residents and the wider community. The costs for any particular scheme will clearly be individual, and will be dependent on the number of roads, layouts and the signing requirements. Definitive costing is not possible at this stage, as each scheme would require a detailed assessment and a preliminary design.

Prior to implementation of any scheme a detailed study of each location would need to be undertaken, including parking surveys, analysis of data and a package of recommendations must be produced at a cost of £10,000.

Then the cost of implementing the agreed scheme can vary, in general costs exceed £20,000 to provide a residents parking scheme that is legal and enforceable. LCC works in partnership with the District and Borough Councils to enforce parking restrictions. NOTE: A private parking enforcement operator cannot enforce on-street parking restrictions.

The current resident parking policy allows a household only two parking permits, these permits currently cost £50 per annum. Visitors or households where more than two cars need to be parked on the highway would require a daily permit from a resident, the cost of which is currently £10 per book of 10 daily permits. A maximum of 2 books only may be purchased per month.

A residents' parking scheme is usually implemented under the following circumstances:-

• Residents are unable to park because at least 40% of available kerb space is occupied by non-residents during the working day, usually commuters near a town centre or factory premises, who should be using alternative parking that is provided.

• At least 50% of the properties affected have no off-street parking allocation.

• There is sufficient on-street space to accommodate all vehicles owned by residents who wish to participate in the scheme.

A parking survey for each location is required to determine the most appropriate action before any preliminary or detailed designs can be produced. LCC's view regarding Diseworth is; (a) the introduction of yellow lines will be visually intrusive, (b) the introduction of parking restrictions may not solve the problems completely, (c) parking controls may displace vehicles to other unsuitable locations within and around the village and (d) any parking controls may adversely affect residents more than non-residents.

Given the options and significant costs involved the Parish Council would welcome your view on the above, and on the parking situation as a whole, before further action is taken. Please write or send an e-mail to the Parish Clerk, alternatively you can always attend one of the monthly meetings.

Given the options for a 'Resident Parking Scheme' and the significant costs involved the Parish Council would welcome your view on the above, and on the parking situation as a whole, before further action is taken.

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