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Flood Modelling Study – PUBLIC MEETING –
Wednesday 10th July – 6.45pm for a 7pm START.
The Community Hub, 101 Bond Gate, Castle Donington, DE74 2NR.

To better understand the flood mechanisms within the catchment of the villages of Long Whatton and Diseworth, Leicestershire County Council commissioned Arcadis to undertake a hydraulic model. This will identify potential mitigation options to reduce the likelihood and investigate the consequence of flooding throughout Long Whatton and Diseworth.

The findings of the Flood Modelling Study will feed into the business case for the development of a potential flood mitigation scheme which may then feed into Leicestershire County Council's programme of works to deliver a flood alleviation program.

The investigation works required to produce the model are now complete and a public meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 10th July to discuss the findings.

It is vital that we receive input from local residents at this stage, especially those that have been affected by flood in the past. Attending this meeting will give parishioners the opportunity to communicate their own flood experiences, as this feedback will add more functional credibility to the model.

If, prior to the event, you can send through any flood evidence you have to flooding@leics.gov.uk that would be great. Please see form below to complete.