Parish Council News June 2022

Parish Council News June 2022

GRASS CUTTING: You may have noticed that the grass cutting on community land around the villages was left later than usual, and that some areas that were previously cut have been left this time. This change is because responsibility for grass cutting within the village boundary has shifted from Leicestershire County Council to the Parish Council.

As part of the changeover, it was decided to review the areas that were previously cut with a view to encouraging wildlife and biodiversity. The grass verges provide habitat and movement corridors for many of our native wild animals and birds as well as a home for traditional wildflowers. So, with this in mind some areas have been left uncut.

In order to maintain the appearance of our lovely village we are asking homeowners who enjoy areas of grass close their property to help by keeping these areas neat and tidy while caring for their own gardens if that is possible, please. We, the Parish Council, may not have got it right during this initial pass, so please let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding future cuts.

WASTE BINS: Having mentioned the appearance of our parish it has been pointed out to us that while in Diseworth we have three waste bins in relatively close proximity between The Cross and Village Hall there are other areas where one would be useful. So, with this in mind new bins have been ordered; one to replace that removed from the layby close to Wartoft Grange, another at the bus shelter on The Green, and perhaps one somewhere close to the junction of The Green and The Bowley (with the possible addition of a dog waste bin there too). In Long Whatton a request for an additional dog waste bin outside the Friendship Centre has been made.

AIRPORT PARKING: Finally, now that we are returning to our normal lives, post COVID, so too are travellers from East Midlands Airport, and Diseworth is again a convenient place to leave cars while jetting off to the sun (as well as by some employees working at EMA). Unfortunately, we are once again receiving reports that there have been incidents of criminal damage against some of the offending vehicles, this is something the Parish Council cannot condone and ask that you do not participate in this anti-social behaviour. We have already requested a meeting of all relevant parties to discuss the issue (one not limited to Diseworth) in an effort to investigate any measures that might reduce the inconvenience to our residents and legitimate visitors. We will report back on this as soon as possible.

Posted: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 14:00 by Sam Lockwood

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