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A message from Cllr Sue Roberts, Long Whatton and Diseworth Parish Council Chair

A message from Cllr Sue Roberts, Long Whatton and Diseworth Parish Council Chair

This year has been a whole chapter of ups and downs for everyone. The Parish Council has continued to function, as best it could, via Zoom meetings, emails, WhatsApp and any other socially distance methods.

The restrictions put a lot of pressure on the Clerk, but she worked on stoically and is an absolute star.

There have been many positive projects that have either successfully moved forward or completed this year, to name but a few…

  • The PC now has two Vehicle Activated Signs, which is hoped will help with speeding motorists.
  • The final flood report has been received; the PC and LCC have continued to work tirelessly to ensure this project has remained high on the agenda. LCC presented a bid for local levy funding and were successful in receiving indicative allocations.
  • A huge thank you to the Resident Flood Working Group for their continued efforts in supporting the parish council with the flood report and the many brook clearances.
  • The Volunteer Centre provided 318 VE Day afternoon teas in and around the area. A wonderful idea, which really lifted the spirts of the community a very special day!! A huge thank you to the Volunteer Centre and all the volunteers locally in Long Whatton and Diseworth that made this possible.
  • Mike Doyle continues to battle and drive the Diseworth, Long Whatton Traffic Free Trail forward – Thank you!

Planning applications continue to flood in and the only people that have worked non-stop this year have been builders! The PC has started the process of producing a neighbourhood plan to influence strategies and policies for the future development in the area.

Plans are also afoot to investigate the possible purchase of the old Methodist Chapel in Long Whatton, to provide a community base, home to the play group and enable village groups to use its facilities. It will be a slow process, but fingers crossed positive progress will be made in 2021.

The Parish Council is always open to suggestions and ideas from the public about projects that could be undertaken within the community. Please email the Clerk if you would like to share these or work alongside the PC.

I would just like to finish by saying a big thank you to all the councillors from both villages. It is not easy being a councillor and this year has certainly been a challenge for everyone.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy New Year.

Posted: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 22:21 by Sam Lockwood

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