Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

Long Whatton and Diseworth has suffered with the volume and speed of traffic through its villages for a long time; this is largely due to the parish boundaries bordering the three major trunk roads. If there are issues along the M1/M42 traffic will often divert from these major routes through both villages causing 'rat-running'.

Although there are both, speed restrictions and weight limits on the roads though the villages, residents are concerned that its enforcement is infrequent. Highways isn't a role within a Parish Council remit, however, will continue to urge the highway authority to consider appropriate traffic calming measures.

Meanwhile the Parish Council agreed a new initiative to purchase two Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) with data collecting devices. The Police fully support the initiative; collecting the data of the traffic and sending the statistics to the Police will then show if and where there is a problem with speeding traffic. The evidence will enable Police to take enforcement action.

The MVAS will be used in various locations throughout Diseworth and Long Whatton.

Proposed locations:

Grimes Gate (opposite Hyams Lane)
Lady Gate (near Heritage Centre)
Ashby Road (near Cawdell Drive)

The Parish Council is currently working with Leicestershire County Council to authorise the location of the posts in each village, once this has been established the order can then be placed.

If you have any questions/queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Posted: Sun, 26 May 2019 15:28 by Sam Lockwood

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