Annual Parish Council Newsletter 2019

Long Whatton and Diseworth Parish Council

Newsletter March 2019


As our term as Councillors is coming to an end, it was suggested that an annual newsletter be published for parishioners to review the activities and developments that have taken place within the Parish throughout the year.

The Parish Council is proud of what it has achieved by the efforts of the entire team and continue to work hard to ensure the smooth running of the Council. Please do contact us to let us know what you think.

In May 2019 there will be the opportunity for you to nominate yourself or elect others to continue the work of keeping our parish safer, brighter, cleaner and an attractive place to live, work and play. Over the last year in particular we extend our thanks to a willing band of volunteers who have given their time and efforts to enhance and enable our work.

Do you have any spare time to get involved with your local Parish Council; sharing your knowledge, experience and life skills to serve and enhance your local community?

Councillor Election Nomination packs are NOW available!

Packs should be returned to the monitoring officer at NWLDC between March 22nd (NOT before) and 3rd April 4pm. Packs MUST be HAND DELIVERED – although someone else can return it on their behalf.

For more information about becoming a councillor please visit


The work of the PC is varied indeed and a lot of time is spent in meetings working with local authorities/agencies to maintain better working relationships and solve mutual difficulties. An example of this is our continued liaison with East Midlands Airport with regards to local flooding. This came to a head in April 2018, after very heavy rainfall was experienced by the villages and flooding became a real issue. A survey has been now been commissioned to see how progress can be made in this area and how steps can be taken to prevent it. The PC has made contributions towards the cost of this. There is a FLOOD EVENT on March 16th at The Hub in Castle Donington. If you have been affected by flood it will be a real benefit to attend. The Parish Council is keen to create a 'Flood Action Group'; this would consist of a group of volunteers and riparian owners who would be willing to help clear the watercourse on occasions throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us at


Tuesday 21st May 2018 saw the long awaited 'Official Opening' of Long Whatton Play Area. Members of the Parish Council met with Gillian Squires from North West Leicestershire District Council, the headmaster and some of children from the Primary School. These representatives have all played an important part in making this project happen, from obtaining the funding to selecting the equipment type.

Cllr Sue Roberts, Chairwoman of the Long Whatton and Diseworth Parish Council said, "We have all waited so long for this to happen and on behalf of the Parish Council, I would like to thank the whole community, especially the children, for their patience.

I hope you like the new equipment and the weather stays dry for the children to enjoy it!

Thank you once again."

It is a pleasing asset to the village and enjoyed by all the children.


The Parish Council notice boards in both villages have been replaced at last and now look much smarter. If you would like to display anything in the notice boards, that directly benefit the local community, please email the Clerk on


Last November was the anniversary of the end of WWI and the Parish Council were able to purchase a limited number of large poppies which were put up on the lampposts of both villages. My thanks to those that did all the climbing and fixing.


The PC has given grants in this last financial year to various groups within the villages to enable them to carry on with their good works.

These include The Long Whatton News, Diseworth Dialogue, Long Whatton Village Show, The Long Whatton PTA, Diseworth Village Show, the over 60's lunches, Long Whatton Cricket Club and the newly formed Bridge Club.


In conjunction with Diseworth Village Hall the PC has organised the equipment for litter picking as we all continue to fight the battle against inconsiderate users of the lanes and gateways of our villages, who discard and fly tip all manner of rubbish. This year we are extending the litter picking to Long Whatton as well. The date for this year's pick is Sunday April 14th at 10:00. Do come and join us.


The Clerk and Chairwoman have spent a long time working on and updating the Village Design Statement for Diseworth. This document will be adopted by NWLDC planning department and will mean – hopefully – that more notice is taken of plans submitted for development.

HS2 Consultations continue and the PC is trying hard to ensure that both villages will not be unduly overwhelmed by the development when, or IF, it begins.

Meetings are still ongoing with East Midlands Gateway regarding traffic management.

The GDPR took up a lot of time to ensure that all communications and personal information is duly protected. Also, the Clerk spent many an hour re-doing all the risk assessment policies.

Lastly it is to be hoped that in 2019 traffic calming measures can be implemented through Long Whatton and Diseworth, after complaints had been received from concerned residents. There is the Annual meeting of the Parish Council on April 4th at 19:30 where there will be a short talk from the police on what we can do regarding speeding traffic and how other villages have managed.


You are always welcome to join us at our meetings as a member of the public; meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 19:30 (Diseworth Village Hall and Long Whatton Community Centre, alternatively) and provide an opportunity for every parishioner to raise points and concerns or simply listen in. The Parish Council can only act on something if it is reported to us. Members are your voice, please speak to us if need you need to.

You can, of course, get more involved in our work by becoming a Parish Councillor. Contact the Clerk and give it a try!

Cllr Sue Roberts (Chairwoman)
Cllr Mary Hobbs (Vice Chair)
Cllr David Bamford
Cllr Stuart Perkins
Cllr Peter Gillatt
Cllr Robert Ellis
Cllr Mitzi Steven

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Or contact the Clerk, Sam Lockwood

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